Just a few thoughts from past and current clients and associates:

“Terese is a wicked smart web developer. She has helped me work through several critical fires. I appreciate her responsiveness, her professionalism and her technical knowledge in all things web. She is an invaluable resource – in her “spare” time – as a technical consultant.”

Michael Burns
Surefoot Communications

“Terese worked in a technical support role to train us on the site management site for our redesigned website. She was always available to answer questions, help facilitate changes to the website or SMS. I would highly recommend her…”

Deborah Dobson
former Assistant Director of IS
Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

“Terese is excellent to work with on the design and implementation of websites. She walks you through every step of the process and is always available for questions. She has great enthusiasm as well!”

Courtney (Conklin) Johanning
Development Officer for Annual Giving
The University of Kansas Hospital
and former Event Coordinator
American Red Cross

“Terese is one of those people who is the “glue” to success. I know few people as detailed driven as her. I’ve had the privilege of partnering with her on projects both for work and for personal volunteer endeavors. When you’re working a project, you want her on your team, period. She also has a huge heart for helping others and remembers it’s ok to laugh at yourself every once in a while. Terese has a way of bringing it all together like no one I know – and I’m proud to call her “friend” and learn from her frequently.”

Ramsey Mohsen
Consultant, Social Media Discipline Lead
Digital Evolution Group

“I worked with Terese on the developement of several specialized websites for online commerce and registration. I highly recommend her as she is extremely capable. Even during the most frustrating and difficult times, she remained professional and devoted to completing the project on-time, on budget, and with the necessary components. I could always count on her honesty and her determination to see the project through to completion. I highly recommend her and DEG.”

Beth Pine
former Registration Manager
ASE Group

“Terese, was great to work with on many different projects. She was always helpful and did her job on an excellent time frame, and even would assist on projects that were not hers to help meet time lines.”

Lisa Retzer
former Graphic Designer

“Terese is always willing and ready to help us find a solution for our web needs for Back in the Swing’s site. I’ve enjoyed working with her and I know she’s someone I can count on to get the job done.”

Jaclyn Steiner
Director of Communications
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

“Terese listens to my concerns or requests, offers solutions, and works hard to complete the project or task on time. She is a great communicator and always keeps me up to speed on the progress of a long-term project.”

Andrea Villasi
Program Coordinator, Donor Relations
The University of Kansas Hospital

“Terese is not only a pleasure to work with but incredibly responsive and detail oriented. I can always rely on Terese to get the job done right the first time and make recommendations for improvement.”

Melanie Woods
Past President
Business Marketing Association of Kansas City

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