Do you know what your website is doing?

Seriously, do you know what your website has been up to?
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Sunday Statistics – Analyzing Metrics

Today’s look at statistics will focus on analyzing ongoing metrics for trends and ways to change your results. First, here’s my numbers for this week. There was a small increase in several of my statistics but nothing significant. Continue reading

Sunday Statistics – Setting Goals

Last week I covered the importance of setting a baseline for your analytics and the types of data you could gather across the various social media sites. I also shared with you my own baseline numbers. This week, I’ll again be sharing my own numbers and discussing the importance of setting goals. Continue reading

Sunday Statistics: Setting a Baseline

I’m a firm believer that statistics are what help us know what to change and how to change. Plus, they give me a chance to do some Excel work and I go all fangirl geeky whenever I get to open that program. Continue reading