BIG Facebook News for Nonprofits – Direct Donations!

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows users to donate directly to participating organizations through the org’s Facebook page! Continue reading

Fearless Friday – Get Connected

For this Fearless Friday, I challenge you to get more connected. A lot of events forget that their social channels aren’t just for sharing information, but should also be used to engage and interact with others. So, today I have very specific challenges to get you connected with and talking to more people. Continue reading

Wanted: Sponsors

Sometimes, finding Sponsors for your event can be the most complicated activity your steering committee can perform. In this age of technology, Sponsors might be looking for something more than a mere mention in the event program or their logo on the website. Simply put, events need to start thinking outside the box and incorporate Social Media into their Sponsorship offerings and strategy. In this post, I’ll give you some ideas to help make your offerings sexier and give you a few Social Media Sponsor Level ideas. Continue reading

Get them talking: 9 Social Media Conversation Starters

One of the hardest parts for some organizations to get the hang of doing in social media is follower engagement. I think what makes it difficult is the assumption that the engagement has to be meaningful and deep. However, some of the highest engagement numbers come from simple, straight-forward, everyday questions. People like to be asked their opinions and the easier to answer the more responses you will probably get. Once the answers start rolling in, simply interact with those, ask additional “probing” questions and get a conversation going between you and your followers or among your followers with each other.

To help you get started, here’s a list of event-based questions you could use – just fill in the blanks that are in [brackets]:

  1. How many years have you attended [event]? What year was your favorite and why? – Should get people talking about how they’ve attended so many reasons and why they come back year after year.
  2. Should we have [option 1] or [option 2] at this year’s event? – This is a good one to get feedback between two seemingly equal options – two entertainment types, two meal types, etc.
  3. How many guests attended [event] in [year]? – This could easily be a contest question as well.
  4. Only [months, days, hours, minutes] until the [event]! Are you ready? – Simple countdowns get people excited, talking and (sometimes) even a little nervous.
  5. What’s your favorite part of [event]? Why? – This can be used as a mini-survey question to get a feel for how your followers really feel about different aspects. You could also generate this as an actual Poll question in Facebook with specific answers for your followers to select from (with an open-ended option for adding their own selections).
  6. We have a [new/returning feature] for this year’s event. What do you think? – This could be a new race course, a new format, Photo Booth addition, etc. Whatever is new that could alter how the event works or is perceived.
  7. We dare you to [related activity] this [time frame]! Be sure to tell us the results. – We dare you to wear your event outfit to the grocery store or We dare you to tell 5 strangers about our event this weekend!
  8. If we did [related activity] would you join us?
  9. Announcing [whatever!] – Whether by announcing something new and wonderful for the event, or telling how much you raised and saying “Thank You” you’re giving people a reason to be excited! This may result in more likes than comments, but that’s still some interaction.

Help for Facebook Branded Page Timelines

Wow! The Internet is afire with the newest Facebook announcement – Branded Pages can now have the Timeline layout by choice and the Timeline will be the mandatory layout by the end of March.

Now, we all know that Facebook users tend to flip out whenever the powers that be make a change to the FREE system, and let’s just avoid all that craziness. Yes, it’s a change. Yes, it might mess with some of the things you have already set up. Yes, it means some work on your behalf to make it look good again.


It also means the addition of a cool cover photo. It means being able to highlight major events, photos and conversations in your history. It allows you to add milestones and other historic details about your company or organization.

To get you started down the right road so you have the full month to plan and update before the change is forced upon you, here’s a few links to help you out. (Disclaimer: I wrote NONE of these, I’m just pointing you to some existing content.)

I would also suggest designing outside the typical rectangle for your cover photos. Here’s a few links to get you thinking (these are mostly from personal timelines, but the idea is still the same):

A few Non-Profits already using the Timeline:

Would love to see YOUR organization’s and event’s timelines! As you get them setup, please leave a comment with a link to your Facebook page!