Fun with Photos

You probably already know this, but images, photos & video get the highest level of engagement and interaction on social networking sites (I know I know, “Duh!” is the appropriate answer here…). It really is true that a picture paints a thousand words and the right images can help you tell your event’s and organization’s story quickly and, hopefully, virally. Continue reading

Help for Facebook Branded Page Timelines

Wow! The Internet is afire with the newest Facebook announcement – Branded Pages can now have the Timeline layout by choice and the Timeline will be the mandatory layout by the end of March.

Now, we all know that Facebook users tend to flip out whenever the powers that be make a change to the FREE system, and let’s just avoid all that craziness. Yes, it’s a change. Yes, it might mess with some of the things you have already set up. Yes, it means some work on your behalf to make it look good again.


It also means the addition of a cool cover photo. It means being able to highlight major events, photos and conversations in your history. It allows you to add milestones and other historic details about your company or organization.

To get you started down the right road so you have the full month to plan and update before the change is forced upon you, here’s a few links to help you out. (Disclaimer: I wrote NONE of these, I’m just pointing you to some existing content.)

I would also suggest designing outside the typical rectangle for your cover photos. Here’s a few links to get you thinking (these are mostly from personal timelines, but the idea is still the same):

A few Non-Profits already using the Timeline:

Would love to see YOUR organization’s and event’s timelines! As you get them setup, please leave a comment with a link to your Facebook page!