Recognize Your Volunteers!


It’s a time to recognize, call for and simply love on those individuals who help make your organization – and particularly your events – rock!
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Some Time Off

So, long time no see, right? I guess I first need to apologize for being neglectful. I think the post a day experiment last November killed my creativity for blog writing and then with the holidays and craziness at work, this site just took a back seat. But, I have missed you all! Continue reading

My 2012 Blog In Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. I think that’s pretty cool of them do, since it’s a free site and a highly unexpected “extra”! Continue reading

Social Networking & Your Tradeshow

Great infographic showing ideas specifically targeted at Social Networking for tradeshows, but the ideas are useful across many event types. Take a look and see what would be applicable to yours!
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Sunday Statistics – A Goal Met!

I had a personal goal met this week – 300 Twitter followers! If I had something to give away, I would have given it to the 300th follower. Alas, I can only give him a shout-out, so…

“Thanks Mike Fine – you’re my 300th follower!” 🙂  

Progress to Goals

Here are my actual numbers for the past week. And here’s a look at what those mean towards my goals:

  • Increase Facebook Followers to at least 30. Oh dear friends. PLEASE follow my page. I cannot get insights for this page without at least 30 followers. Plus, by following me there you’ll get other regular updates, information and links, and the ability to share my wealth of knowledge with your friends and colleagues much easier!
  • Be retweeted or mentioned on Twitter at least 3 times a week. This goal was met! The last two weeks I have been retweeted, mentioned and engaged by people other than close friends. YAY!! Gonna keep trucking with this one to be sure it’s not a fluke.
  • Have at least 175 views per week on this site. Wow. Major (75%) decrease in visitors this week from last week. I blame Thanksgiving. Here’s working towards a jump in next week!
  • Have at least 10 ‘real’ comments on a post. Part of my brain is starting to think I’m only read by robots. Are real people out there? Let me know!
  • Increase Scoop It followers to 15. Added another follower, so I’m a third of the way there. Time to talk about this great site a little more in-depth…

Learning from Mistakes…and Successes

I think several of my slow-growing areas or even backward areas have to do with my lack of posts this past week. Part of that was due to the holiday (my brain and heart just weren’t in the work) and part of it was due to a set of silly mistakes. I set my posts to go live on the right day…wrong month. Now that those are posting and there are Twitter links going to them, I’m getting hits today. Should get more tomorrow.

I’ve seen a big jump on Monday and Tuesday after I send out a recap email to clients and others I’ve met with personally to talk about social media for their events. In each recap I send the Featured Image, Title, and Excerpt from the last week’s posts, just in case they missed any. If you’d like to receive that email, please send me a message to and I’ll be happy to add you to it!