After a recent post, I realized some terms I use are industry-standard, but if you aren’t actually IN the industry, you might not know what I’m talking about. I also use some references that are specific to my company or even to my own little brain. I’ll therefore try to keep this list updated with glossary terms that might need defining for you, dear reader. If ever I refer to something in a blog post and you need clarification, just ask and I’ll add. Thanks!


  • Main Navigation Pages: 5 – 7 items site visitors are most likely to click on. These typically appear in some stylized manner, like buttons, tabs and larger font.
  • Secondary Navigation: typically display as links in the header or footer and tend to be smaller and less stylized than the Main Navigation.
  • Sub-navigation: usually displayed when a site visitor hovers over or clicks on a Main or Secondary Navigation item; typically give more details or fall under the “umbrella” of the main navigation item.
  • Homepage: first page of your site. When you link to your site through emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. this will be your default “go to” page.
  • “Every Page” area: portion of your website framework that will appear on every page allowing you to repeat certain elements easily and effectively. 

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