Social Media Dimensions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wow, wow, wow! Check this out, bookmark it here or on and use it for reference as needed. What’s even better – this infographic should update automatically every time they update it! [disclaimer: this is not my infographic but you still need it!]

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Fun with Photos

You probably already know this, but images, photos & video get the highest level of engagement and interaction on social networking sites (I know I know, “Duh!” is the appropriate answer here…). It really is true that a picture paints a thousand words and the right images can help you tell your event’s and organization’s story quickly and, hopefully, virally. Continue reading

Fearless Friday Challenge: I’m NOT Fearless

The sentiment around me today is “It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAY” (and that just gave me an awesome flashback to my childhood in Ohio and a kick ass radio DJ named Suzy Waud…). Continue reading

From Basement Kegger to Travel Channel Feature [Case Study]

Once upon a time in 2005, three roommates in the Brookside area of Kansas City, Missouri held a party in their basement. They gathered a bunch of friends, served a lot of beer and most importantly had a theme – ugly Christmas sweaters! Their guests wore the tackiest, craziest sweaters they could find and for three annual parties these guys setup, drank up and cleaned up – a lot of hard work just for their friends. After their 2007 event, during the cleanup portion, these guys decided to put all their hard work to good use and changed the event into a fundraiser. Thus was born The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Continue reading

Image Sizes Across Social Networks

One issue I’ve run into with clients is the need of different images and image sizes for the various social networking websites. Today I came across an Infographic entitled “The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet” from LunaMetrics. This infographic lists out all the various image sizes – both native and resized – across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. Continue reading