BIG Facebook News for Nonprofits – Direct Donations!

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows users to donate directly to participating organizations through the org’s Facebook page! Continue reading

Social Media Dimensions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wow, wow, wow! Check this out, bookmark it here or on¬†and use it for reference as needed. What’s even better – this infographic should update automatically every time they update it! [disclaimer: this is not my infographic but you still need it!]

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The Story of a Screaming Social Media Manager

Does this sound at all familiar?

Social Media Manager (SMM): “We need a Facebook page.”
Person In Charge (PIC): “Great idea! Go make one.”
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Social Networking & Your Tradeshow

Great infographic showing ideas specifically targeted at Social Networking for tradeshows, but the ideas are useful across many event types. Take a look and see what would be applicable to yours!
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Fun with Photos

You probably already know this, but images, photos & video get the highest level of engagement and interaction on social networking sites (I know I know, “Duh!” is the appropriate answer here…). It really is true that a picture paints a thousand words and the right images can help you tell your event’s and organization’s story quickly and, hopefully, virally. Continue reading