Social Networking & Your Tradeshow

Great infographic showing ideas specifically targeted at Social Networking for tradeshows, but the ideas are useful across many event types. Take a look and see what would be applicable to yours!
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From Basement Kegger to Travel Channel Feature [Case Study]

Once upon a time in 2005, three roommates in the Brookside area of Kansas City, Missouri held a party in their basement. They gathered a bunch of friends, served a lot of beer and most importantly had a theme – ugly Christmas sweaters!┬áTheir guests wore the tackiest, craziest sweaters they could find and for three annual parties these guys setup, drank up and cleaned up – a lot of hard work just for their friends. After their 2007 event, during the cleanup portion, these guys decided to put all their hard work to good use and changed the event into a fundraiser. Thus was born The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Continue reading

Weekly Prize Winners

Today I want to share with you what one event I’m involved with – The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – did over the month of October. Continue reading

Crisis Management for Events

I’ve had the title for this post sitting in my “Drafts” for some time now, waiting for the right time to post it. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I feel like this is a good time to remind organizations that having a Crisis Management Plan for your events is a definite must. “Crisis” does make this sound like it’s only in place for major issues, like hurricanes or massive fires. But for events, or at least for the purpose of this article, crisis refers to any major change that could adversely affect your event and your participants’ enjoyment at it. Continue reading

Sunday Statistics: Setting a Baseline

I’m a firm believer that statistics are what help us know what to change and how to change. Plus, they give me a chance to do some Excel work and I go all fangirl geeky whenever I get to open that program. Continue reading