Organizations I SupportI’ve never been good at these kinds of pages. If I was talking to you in person, there’d be a lot of ums and wells interjected in here. Talking about social media and events on the other hand, I’ll talk your ear off!

So, um…well…

First, my name is Terese Babcock and I’m a Pisces. I have a wry sense of humor and I tend to ramble (especially when I’m nervous). You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram (@tababcock), Pinterest, Scoop It, and About.me (pretty much anywhere you might be, I’m there! Just do a search for tababcock – it’s normally me.).


Well, I guess what you really want to know by coming to this page is why I’m qualified to write this blog and give this advice. To begin with, I’ve worked over ten years for a wonderful Kansas City Internet consultancy, DEG. Within this single company I’ve worn several hats and gone up through the ranks from front desk to traffic coordinator to trainer to my current position of Special Projects Manager.

Through my current role I’ve been blessed with being able to work directly and personally with eight nonprofits, six of which are fundraising events. These events include two of the biggest black-tie galas in KC (Jazzoo and Treads & Threads), Red Ball for the American Red Cross, HillOween (an adult Halloween Party), The Ugly Christmas Sweater party, Jared Coones Memorial 5K Run/Walk and Back in the Swing Retail Therapy. I’ve also been indirectly involved through content migration, consulting and training with other nonprofits and businesses as well.

Working with these events I’ve helped them grow their web presence through websites, mobile sites, email marketing, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and other tools. I’m also privileged to sit on the steering committee for four of these events, so I’m involved in planning an event beyond the web presence.

One particular event, The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, began 3 years and was marketed strictly through an extremely strong web presence. The event has been sold out above capacity every year and has raised over $50,000 in those three years for Operation Breakthrough. As a member of the 14-person, strictly volunteer steering committee for this event, I’ve really been able to see how the web presence can grow the event. I’ve also been able to use it as a little guinea pig to see what will and won’t work and pass that on to others (like you, o wonderful reader).

In all honesty, I just hope that the ideas and suggestions I’m putting in this blog will help nonprofits grow their events in a clean and efficient manner using some of the newest and most social tools available to them. If you use an idea posted in these pages, please let me know how it works for you – the good and the bad. Only with that feedback can we all grow!

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