BIG Facebook News for Nonprofits – Direct Donations!

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows users to donate directly to participating organizations through the org’s Facebook page!  FB-DonorsChoose


Official announcement: Donate to Nonprofits Through Facebook.

And I know you…you’re looking at the list of organizations at the bottom of that announcement and thinking, “Those are all BIG organizations. What does this mean for me, the little guy, the local nonprofit?”

Well, you can get that nifty little donate area on your page, too!

First step: fill out the “Donate: Nonprofit Interest From” they’ve set up. (Sample below – click to find and fill out.)


I’m not exactly sure what step two and beyond looks like quite yet. I’m honestly just so excited I had to share the news before I filled it out for any of my own clients yet. I’m sure there’s a nice orderly process and you’ll get contacted to get this set up. But, if I were you and I didn’t hear back within a week, I’d personally go fill it out again. 🙂

May many happy donations find their way to you this holiday season and beyond!


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