A Must-Attend Conference!

You only have a few weeks left to register for the Nonprofit Solutions Conference hosted by Nonprofit Connect here in Kansas City!

I attended this event last year for the first time and it was:

  • Well-planned
  • Informative
  • Interactive
  • Jam-packed
  • Fun!

They changed the name this year but not the purpose. They are all about YOU, my fine reader, the non-profit professional. They are intent to get you up-to-date, relevant, instructional information from some of the best leaders in the industry.

One of my favorite parts of this event is the “Conversations That Matter” lunch on Day 2. During this lunch, you get to pick the topic that most speaks to YOU, join a table of other like-minded individuals and get down to business with a table host. I hosted a wonderful table last year that was very energetic with great discussion! I’m hosting again this year with the same topic “Beyond Ticket Sales: Social Media for Fundraising Events” and I hope to have the same level of enthusiasm with new faces discussing new ideas!

If you’re heading to this event, let me know and we’ll find each other during a workshop or meal, maybe even at the Conversations lunch. I’d love to connect with you!

If you can’t attend this year because of budget or other engagements, I highly recommend adding it to your 2014 calendar and budget. You don’t want to miss it again!


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