Recognize Your Volunteers!


It’s a time to recognize, call for and simply love on those individuals who help make your organization – and particularly your events – rock!


Volunteers offer so many wonderful options for your social media timeline. Here are just a few ways you can work them into your overall strategy:

  • Acknowledge individual contributions: Got a volunteer who’s been with you from the beginning? One that goes above and beyond? Maybe a few that are true ambassadors for your cause? Call them out by name!
  • Shout out to groups: Do you have a sorority or fraternity that always helps you out? Maybe a pack of Scouts or group of team parents that offered up their time? Recognize the group and their specific contribution.
  • Share volunteer stories: many times, your volunteers are the “boots on the ground” for your organization. They are in the story, interacting directly with your guests, your audience and the world on your behalf. Share their stories!
  • Ask for new volunteers: This week is a great time to get the word out that you need help. But, make sure you have specific needs posted and somewhere for them to actually sign-up.


You can acknowledge, share and ask through text updates, photos and videos. Find the best method for your audience and get to it!


Sometimes, people just don’t know where to look for volunteer opportunities. Even if you have them posted on your website, they might be buried or they’re seasonal / event-based only. Consider joining sites like these to get the word out for people who want to volunteer (this list is by no means exhaustive – would love your additions in the comments below!):


Check out any of the above OR look on your favorite organization’s digital location (website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for specific opportunities they might have. Also, ask your friends, coworkers, school, place of worship or other group what THEY do and join in!


Since I’m taking April off, you might be wondering why I felt the need to jump in with this post. (And you might not be but I’m going to tell you anyway…)

One of our DEG associates believed we should acknowledge the services are associates provide OFF-site in various volunteer capacities, specifically for this week. Over 30 of our associates (about 1/4 of our office) had their photo taken while wearing a t-shirt or holding a sign with their organization of choice. I’m positive we have even more than that; some people just missed the photo op and others like to keep it under wraps.

(un)Fortunately I was never one to follow the rules and couldn’t limit it to just ONE organization that I support. Due to the nature of my job here as well as my basic human nature, I have 18 organizations I regularly support through my job, my personal time and financial gifts. So, my volunteer picture looks like this:

Organizations I Support

If you’re looking for an organization to support, might I recommend one of these? Cuz, seriously, I LOVE THEM ALL!

(This listing is in no particular order, which is why they’re bulleted, not numbered)

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