Fun with Photos

You probably already know this, but images, photos & video get the highest level of engagement and interaction on social networking sites (I know I know, “Duh!” is the appropriate answer here…). It really is true that a picture paints a thousand words and the right images can help you tell your event’s and organization’s story quickly and, hopefully, virally.

But, even though you KNOW images are the Queen Bees in the social realm, how many times a week, or even a month, are you posting engaging, unique and comment-worthy items? How sharable are your images? Are your photos seen by anyone outside your direct network of followers? Do you take time to create interesting and comment-worthy video?

Visual Best Practices

No, I’m not going to tell you the best format for your photos or how to make a great video (not today anyway). These best practices are for posting and engaging your followers.

  • Plan your images in advance! Don’t wait until the day you want to post it to think about what your image will entail. This is especially important if you are using a video.
  • Use images that speak to the heart, but not necessarily sad. Your event is fun (hopefully) and so your event images should be as well. Your photos and videos should show how enjoyable the event has been in the past so your followers will want to tell others by sharing it.
  • Tag your followers. You won’t be able to tag them when you first upload to Facebook, but you can tag after it’s loaded. you can also tag as yourself, instead of as your page. When you tag them, it will show in their timeline where their friends can see it. If you share a video that includes your entertainment, sponsors or other individuals, make sure they’re tagged as well!
  • Respond to comments. Be sure you’re not letting your followers have all the fun – interact with and respond to their messages!
  • Post when your followers are on. Check your Facebook insights and other analytics and look at your past successes. Notice in particular the general date and time you get the most comments. Try to post photos and videos during that “Prime Time” – and not at, say, midnight on a Monday.
  • Promote posts. You don’t have to promote EVERY post, but consider promoting your most share-worthy images and videos. The more interest they garner, the more people are seeing about your event!
  • Make your visuals Pinnable. Pinnable visuals should be visually appealing to stand-alone (not text required), should be tall not wide (consider how the site is laid out), and the description when pinned should be concise but informative. Don’t put ALL the instructions or details in the description – nothing is more annoying than text that’s longer than the photo! Oh – and be sure to be the first to pin your image to get it out there right from the start.

Visual Ideas

Need some ideas to get those creative juices flowing? You know I’m always good for a few suggestions!

  • Go beyond the basics. Anyone can share images from last year’s event…and you should too! But, you should also go a little beyond that and create new images that are interesting.
  • Create a fun video. See examples I posted earlier for The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – the steering committee has some unique ideas to help market the party AND entertain watchers.
  • Make an infographic. Try comparing the cost of a ticket to what else could be purchased…and add a picture of how the money will make a difference in someone’s life if they attend the event.
  • Ask for input. A celebrity I follow asked his followers to post photos of themselves in Halloween attire…and we did! Other followers commented and liked those photos – interacting with each other. And yes, I admit, I got a thrill when said celebrity “liked” my photo… 🙂
  • Find a “National [Something] Day” that ties into your event. Everyday is a “something day” – like today is National Pins and Needles Day (which, admittedly, doesn’t really illustrate my point very well). But, in December, there are National Roof Over Your Head Day and National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – and at least 29 others. These are easy themes to create a new photos around. Check out or for more interesting and fun days!

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