No Rest for the Weary

This time of year is crazy for everyone. And it means that your scheduling (and mine!) need to be more set than ever! You don’t want to let your unplanned activities get your off-track with your planned activities.

You’ve probably noticed that my last few posts have been less than my normal intense, “gotta teach you something” type posts. Part of it was the overwhelming craziness of posting everyday – with everything else going on. the other part was the Thanksgiving holiday itself – I had four days off and mentally I started around Tuesday! But, this type of overload and holiday break is definitely not just on me.

Avoiding the Holiday Rush

I’ve mentioned them several times before, but PLEASE, if you haven’t read them, go read my Holiday Communications post from last year.

These three posts really do cover a lot of information in a short amount of space and should help you get and keep you holiday communications on track.

Plan for the Inevitable

There are always things that happen during the holidays – good and bad. Be ready to write a quick update at any time.

  • Be sure you can update your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. at any time from any where. This might mean adding some new apps to your smartphone.
  • Consider having someone “on call” to make updates on weekend or holidays, doing more pre-scheduling to cover vacations and office closures.
  • Have “filler” content ready that will work on any day just in case a planned post has to be delayed or removed.

December is the Month of Giving

Remember that many people will make more charitable donations during December! Donations to YOUR organization can be obtained in the name of your event, even if your event just happened or won’t happen until next summer.

  • Consider selling tickets early, just as a “holiday gift for a loved one”
  • Ask for a post-event donation to help you meet your event goal.
  • Remember the “rules” for suggesting Charitable Donations as Holiday Gifts to your followers (do NOT say it’s a great “last-minute” gift!)

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