Wild Wednesday – Video

Today’s post will be short and sweet, and dedicated to one of my own. I wanted to show you how creative use of video can help you market your event.

4th Annual Event Overview

This video actual goes inside the party, with video and photos from the actual event.

What IS the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

Dancing Badly All Over Kansas City…for a Good Cause

This is my personal favorite – just random silliness, favorite places in KC, the beneficiary and my good friend Ramsey Mohsen just having fun for our cause.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Official trailer for the 6th Annual event in 2010. Again, just random silliness but in the form of a movie trailer.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is … Dizzying

Another look for the 2010 event…I get dizzy just watching this one!

What is…the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

This one is just weird to me, but still an interesting take on event videos. Tell your friends about your event any time, any where…even while brushing your teeth!


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