15 Things to Remember for the Holidays

Okay, I admit it. I waited until the last minute for today’s post and I can’t give up on the challenge at this point! So, I’m going to take this as a chance to remind you of the 3 posts on Holiday Communications from last year. But, just because I’m reusing old information doesn’t make it bad information – just condensed and repurposed. Please use the links to quickly jump to the past posts.

5 Types of Information

“What types of NEW information should I be considering during the holidays?” Here are five specific types of content recommended for consideration:

  1. Holiday Message
  2. Holiday Policies
  3. Videos & Photos
  4. Specials & Deals
  5. Community Involvement
  6. Bonus Reminder – Internal Communications!

Read details on the original post.

5 Channels to Consider

“Where should we put all of this new information?” Here are five specific channels we recommend for your content:

  1. Website & Blog
  2. Landing / Squeeze Page
  3. Email
  4. Hardcopy & Offline Materials

Read details on the original post.

5 Steps to Scheduling

How to keep it all on track – a process you can repeat over and over throughout the year! Here are five specific steps you can follow:

  1. Determine the “What”…items will be needed (see Types of Information above)
  2. Determine the “Where”…items will be used (see Channels to Consider above)
  3. Determine the “When”…items will be used
  4. Determine the “Who”…will be responsible for each items and placement
  5. Put it all together!

Read details on the original post.


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