Sunday Statistics – Analyzing Metrics

Today’s look at statistics will focus on analyzing ongoing metrics for trends and ways to change your results. First, here’s my numbers for this week. There was a small increase in several of my statistics but nothing significant.

Progress to Goals

  • Increase Facebook Followers to at least 30. Hmmm…I obtained exactly ONE new follower on Facebook. And I lost a personal friend (no idea who that was…). Not really sure how to increase this number except just continually asking folks to follow my page and to ask my follower to share my page with others as appropriate.
  • Be retweeted or mentioned on Twitter at least 3 times a week. I was mentioned and retweeted 5 times this week – pretty awesome. Now, to see if I can get that trend to continue this week.
  • Have at least 175 views per week on this site. Getting closer! This was I was at 106 for the week, which is a major advancement from where I was before I start National Blog Post Month.  Still have a little more work to do to get people here regularly, so I’m going to invest some time in SEO tactics and researching stronger headlines and keywords. I have a decent return on my Facebook and Twitter referrals, but I think I can increase search engine referrals with a little work.
  • Have at least 10 ‘real’ comments on a post. Still not anywhere close to this number. However, I did get more “likes” on my posts recently so I think I’m getting closer to the right formulas.
  • Increase Scoop It followers to 15. Increased by one follower over there. Trying to get the word out about how helpful a Scoop.It online magazine can be – both for reading and for curating. Will just keep talking about it and working towards this goal.

Personal Request

Please use these links to follow Extra-Special Events or me on the relevant social networking sites. If you already follow, please consider passing on the details to your coworkers and other non-profit associates. Yes, I’m needy and asking for followers – I already covered that earlier this week. 🙂


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