Fearless Friday Challenge: I’m NOT Fearless

The sentiment around me today is “It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAY” (and that just gave me an awesome flashback to my childhood in Ohio and a kick ass radio DJ named Suzy Waud…).

For me, Friday is pretty cool because I get to give you all challenges…but I can only assume that people are trying them because no one has shared their results with me.

Here’s my dilemma. I WANT to be fearless. I want to put this information out there and just KNOW that it’s being read and that it’s helping people. But, I don’t know that. I have no idea. And I’m very needy sometimes. I need feedback. I need views and comments and likes. I put a new post out and then check my dashboard several times to see if and when it’s being read. And I’m fearful that I put all this out there and no one reads it.

So, today’s fearless challenge is for YOU to help ME overcome my fears. It’s pretty simple actually – just comment. On this post, on any post, on my Facebook wall, mention me on Twitter. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Just let me know you’re out there and that you care what I have to say! I’m out here for you, so help me help you!

Needy, right?

Well, this is what a lot of brands and nonprofits sound like on social media. And at the beginning we are all needy – we need to know that we are seen, heard, and appreciated. Before we can have viral videos or lots of engagement, we have to know that people are there with which to interact!

Once you’ve got an established following, go beyond the “Like us” updates. Start asking for your followers stories, photos and videos. Give clear calls-to-action to donate, purchase, or sponsor. Ask for specific feedback and get past the “like me” phase as soon as you can.

But first, really, go like me, ok?


One comment on “Fearless Friday Challenge: I’m NOT Fearless

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