Sunday Statistics – Setting Goals

Last week I covered the importance of setting a baseline for your analytics and the types of data you could gather across the various social media sites. I also shared with you my own baseline numbers. This week, I’ll again be sharing my own numbers and discussing the importance of setting goals.

My Data

So, not a lot of change across the board on my numbers. I have a few more Facebook followers on my page and some fluctuation with my Twitter followers. The biggest change was in these posts – a 25% increase! I’ll take that as a good sign!

Setting Goals

Now that we’ve set baselines for our data, we need to set goals. Setting goals involves more than just picking higher numbers to reach – you need to know WHY you want to reach new heights. It’s fine to say “We want 100 more followers” or “We want to be retweeted 10 times a week.” but those don’t really show why those new numbers are better or more important than what you already have. Hopefully, you’ll get the idea of what you need to think about from my November goals below:

  • Increase Facebook Followers to at least 30. For pages, you can’t view Facebook Insights until you have at least 30 followers. So, I’d at least like to reach that number so I can get better information on this usage. It would also be good to have more reach through a site I’m on regularly.
  • Be retweeted or mentioned on Twitter at least 3 times a week. I need to start reaching more people in general and getting retweeted or mentioned by others will help with that reach. This metric would only include Tweets of a professional (not personal) nature, since my Twitter account covers everything I do.
  • Have at least 175 views per week on this site. Again, I’d like to have regular readers and viewers. 100 weekly viewers would mean an average of 25 views per day. I’m currently averaging around 10.
  • Have at least 10 ‘real’ comments on a post. I recognize that many of my posts are not comment-worthy – they are instructive and informative but not really engaging. I’d like to find some way to begin engaging you, dear reader, and have conversations between organizations including idea sharing – how tactics did or didn’t work or if you’re going to try new tactics. I state real comments, because I do have a few posts with lots of comments but some seem spammy and/or random.
  • Increase Scoop It followers to 15. Scoop It! allows me to easily share articles, posts and sites pertaining to this same topics as this site but without cluttering my posts with those of others. I typically add between 5 to 30 new posts on Scoop It per week so that’s a lot of information that currently isn’t being seen by a lot of people.

Personal Request

Yep, I’m throwing my list of sites out here again. Hopefully you can help me increase in key areas by following or helping me spread the word. If each reader shares with one other friend or colleague, I can start increasing my reach!

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Scoop.It
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram – look for username “tababcock”
  • “Follow” or “Subscribe” to this site to get updates whenever I post something new, look for the buttons at the top or bottom of the site
  • You can also find everything above and more under my About.Me page

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