Fearless Friday – Get Connected

For this Fearless Friday, I challenge you to get more connected. A lot of events forget that their social channels aren’t just for sharing information, but should also be used to engage and interact with others. So, today I have very specific challenges to get you connected with and talking to more people.



Go on Facebook and like at lest 10 new pages as your organization, event and/or yourself. Would love it if you like my page in particular, but I’d like you to look specifically for your sponsors, entertainment, location, and others who support you. You can also connect with other similar causes and events, your beneficiaries and more!


Comment on a recent post on at least 5 of the new pages you liked. Be sure you use the account with which you liked them. Commenting takes more effort than a like and will require that you try to connect in a meaningful way. if they do not have a recent post, or you can’t specifically to what they’ve already said, you can also post directly on their page, with a message such as why you followed them or why you support the same cause.



From your organization, event and/or personal Twitter account, follow at least 10 new accounts. Similar to Facebook Likes guidelines above. Again, I’d love it if you follow me, but it’s definitely important for you to connect with your supporters in new ways!


Spend some time giving at least 5 shout-outs and mentions to those you followed. Similar guidelines to the Facebook Comment guidelines above.



Follow at least 10 new organizations or one specific board. You can include me in your new follows and specifically my blog or non-profit organizations boards (more non-profits will be added to this board soon).


Find at least 10 pins that speak to your cause, preferably from your new follows, but any 10 new pins will work.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any prizes to give away for these types of challenges. I wish I did! But, I hope that you’ll see the benefit in doing these challenges without getting a “reward” – let the acts in and of themselves be the reward!


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