Weekly Prize Winners

Today I want to share with you what one event I’m involved with – The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – did over the month of October.

Usually. ticket sales during October are fairly low for this mid-December event. We realize this is because people really aren’t thinking of the “winter” holiday events before Halloween (and some people not even before Thanksgiving). Also, some people want to wait and see what the unpredictable weather in Kansas City will hold for the event date. But, that didn’t stop us from wanting early sales and seeing what would happen if we tried something new.

We had a two-fold plan – offer “Early Elf” pricing ($10 less than our normal ticket cost) and use weekly prizes as an enticement. We setup a random drawing where anyone who had purchased up to that point could win. We had some BBQ sauce gift packs, a few random gifts like a fleece blanket and a water bottle, and a “surPrize” gift. That’s right, we kept the 4th prize a secret!

A definite increase in sales for October was obtained and there was a lot of positive response each time a winner was announced via email, Twitter & Facebook. There was a jump in sales immediately after each email as potential attendees were reminded they could win a prize and the cost would go up on November 1. The 4th winner went along with the craziness of the prize, allowing us to use his photo with the great Justin Bieber print he won. Our biggest engagement came via Facebook in the form of 75+ likes, a handful of comments and over 6,000 views when we posted this photo and used the Promote feature on Facebook:

All in all, the endeavor was successful! October sales were nearly double what they were in 2011 for the same time frame, we reached a much larger social audience than we ever had before and we had a lot of fun. What should this mean to you? Don’t be afraid to jump into the abyss, try something new, spend just a little money and have a little fun with your followers. You just might be surprised!


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