Sunday Statistics: Setting a Baseline

I’m a firm believer that statistics are what help us know what to change and how to change. Plus, they give me a chance to do some Excel work and I go all fangirl geeky whenever I get to open that program.

Why We Measure

In order to correctly use statistics you need a couple of details figured out first:

  • What do you want to track? There are SO MANY little tidbits of information available for social media sites, emails, websites, blogs, EVERYTHING. When you first start out on this adventure, you need to figure out which ones are most important to you to know or alter. Trying to everything at once might be too much to address and it could actually be detrimental to your end purpose.
  • Why do you want to track it? Has someone else told you your event needs more likes or followers? Do you want to know which types of posts get the most follower engagement? Know why you’re going after each piece of data before you start adding it to your tracking.
  • How will you use this information? Is all of this just something to report or will it actually make a change in your tactics? Set realistic growth goals with specific deadlines for each data set then you can set goals around those goals and deadlines.

What to Measure

To help you determine what data to gather, here’s a look a the top social media sites and the type of data I’ll be showing you over the next month from my own pages and sites. Don’t try to gather all of this as it might not be meaningful to your goals – this list is just to get you jump started.


  • Total Fans, Friends and/or Subscribers
  • Fan/Follower/Subscriber Growth Percentage
  • Number of Posts in time period
    • Breakdown by Status, Photo, Video, By Others, Shares of Others, Polls/Questions, Events, etc. if you can / have enough
  • Most Popular Post*, including Number of Comments, Likes and Shares on that post


  • Total Followers
  • Follower Growth Percentage
  • Number You’re Following (should be larger than number following you)
  • Total Tweets to Date
  • Total Tweets in Period
  • Most Popular Tweet*, including Number of Retweets and Responses


  • Number of Views
  • View Growth Percentage
  • Most Popular Post*, including Number of Views, Likes, Comments, Social Shares, and Reblogs
  • Top Referral Source


  • Score
  • Score Change


  • Total Followers
  • Follower Growth
  • Users Following
  • Total Photos Posted
  • Photos Posted
  • Most Popular Photo*, including Number of Comments and Likes


  • Total Followers
  • Follower Growth Percentage
  • Total Visitors
  • Visitor Growth Percentage
  • Total Views
  • View Growth Percentage
  • Number of New Posts
  • Number of Reactions
  • Scoop.It Score


  • Total Followers
  • Follower Growth Percentage
  • Number of Boards
  • Number of New Boards
  • Total Pins
  • New Pins this period
  • Most Popular Pin*, including Number of Repins, Comments and Likes

* Most Popular refers to the specific time period on which you’re reporting. Popularity is based on the total number of reactions from your followers and fans. Images above are my specific popular posts from this week in those areas.

^ Since I do not have a regular website, but rather a blog full of articles, I did not include web metrics. For a regular website, you would want to look at most viewed pages, number of visitors, page views, time on site, etc. Google Analytics would give you all this and a great deal more.

Personally, I’m missing LinkedIn as I know I haven’t worked that system as much as I should. Also, I don’t really have a popular Tweet from this time period. Lastly, I don’t have an email account to track – that has all sorts of metrics involved with it that hopefully your service provider is offering you. Hopefully, these things will change for me soon…

You can download my actual metrics here and see the spreadsheet I use to track it all (YAY EXCEL!)

Personal Request

Now you have some insight into what I’m looking for in my own metrics. Personally, I was a little disheartened when I really started looking at my own numbers. So, I’d like to ask you to show me the love by connecting with me at the following places, whichever ones might interest you. I would love to report a jump in my numbers next Sunday and know that it’s due to my wonderfully supportive readers! Thanks!!

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Scoop.It
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram – look for username “tababcock”
  • “Follow” or “Subscribe” to this site to get updates whenever I post something new, look for the buttons at the top or bottom of the site
  • You can also find everything above and more under my About.Me page

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