Thoughts for Hurricane Survivors

I just want to share a statement of sympathy, support and love for those left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. As you rebuild your homes, your states and your lives, know that the country stands behind you. It won’t happen overnight and it might seem incredibly hard right now, but you will return from this and the East coast will be restored to beauty through love and commitment.

To those who wish to help, I’d like to remind you of a post I wrote last year in the wake of the Reading & Joplin Tornadoes. Please be sure you’re giving the RIGHT type of help and support and that you’re truly helping the rebuild cause and not hindering it. Unsolicited donations may cause more trouble than good so see what they really need before you gather your troops to make a difference.

To the New York Marathon runners, I empathize with your sadness and frustration. My friend Amanda most eloquently states on her site, Run to the Finish, the reaction of the runners. As she says, “Runners find reasons…” for many things in life and I’m sure you will find a reason and a way to help while you’re in New York. Good luck with your continued running endeavors!


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