Top 12 Posts

As we head into the second half of 2012, I wanted to review my top 12 past posts based on views. Because more people are reading them, I think that means they’re pretty helpful and if you’re new to this blog you might have missed them. So, take a look and remember the past to help the future!

Help for Facebook Branded Page Timelines
A post to help with the new Timeline and Cover images Facebook pushed out to Branded Pages. I am a huge advocate for having a separate Facebook Page for your largest annual fundraising event and this post will help you get the most out of the new Facebook layout.
Tips & Tricks to help you Twitter
Following a presentation given by the Social Media guys at Digital Evolution Group, this post was written as a sort of “Twitter 101” for newbies on that site. Useful to anyone new to Twitter or looking to get more out of what they’re already doing.
Holiday Communications: 5 Steps to Scheduling [Series]
Although written specifically for the holiday season, this post is good to read any time of year. I highly recommend using it in conjunction with the other two parts of the series, 5 Types of Communications and 5 Channels to Consider.
8 Ways to Use Pinterest for an Event
The world is still abuzz with the newest player in the social media game, Pinterest. This post will help you with 8 specific ways you can use Pinterest with your event and organization.
Get them talking: 9 Social Media Conversation Starters
Sometimes we’re all at a loss for words or the right thing to say. This post will help you get the conversation ball rolling in Facebook & Twitter with questions, suggestions and calls to actions!
Wanted: Sponsors
One of the biggest fundraising areas are your event sponsorships and this post will help you tap in to the social media gold mine and get your Sponsors on board with your efforts.
Visualizing Your Digital Presence
Before you can drive away in your shiny new “car” (mobile / Web 3.0) you first must make sure your “house” is in order (social / Web 2.0) and standing on a firm “foundation” (web & blog / Web 1.0). This post will explain all the visualizations to help you develop your web, social & mobile strategies.
Case Study: Social Media offers a Novel Approach
A case study on the Kansas City Library and their use of a solid website, blog and social media increase awareness of their plethora of events both free and fundraising.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
The concept of contests and prizes isn’t necessarily new to the social media world or to most businesses, big or small. Unfortunately, non-profits, and especially their events, might be hesitant to use a contest due to a “cost” association. However, you can actually run low- to no-cost contests that will garner follower interaction, increased followers and an embracing attitude from fans.
10 Steps to Start 2012 on the Right Foot
Although written as a way to start any year off with a clean slate and good strategy, this post should be referenced any time you need to revamp your schedule and add new components to your overall plan.
Runs + Social Media
With a whole new generation of runners who also happen to be digital natives, I think it’s time we took a new look at charity runs and make them even more social.
10 Web Tools You Should Consider Using
There are some really wonderful sites out there that can help non-profit special events but knowledge of them tends to pass only through word-of-mouth. here’s a review of 10 sites/tools you might not have heard of yet that might be beneficial to your cause.

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  2. Using a website, blog, and social media are awesome ways for a nonprofit organization to achieve it’s goals, whether they are to educate and build awareness, increase fundraising and support, or connect with volunteers and donors. Use the resources and media you probably already have in your organization: photos, testimonials, and stories of success. Help your supporters to be part of your overall mission and encourage them to get involved and spread the word.

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