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Holiday Communications: 5 Channels to Consider [Series]

Every year, businesses, organizations and retailers ramp up their holiday messaging. “What should we post?”, “Where should we post?”, and “How do we keep it all on track?” are the three biggest questions asked at this time of year. This 3-part series for Holiday Communications will outline answers to those specific topics.

In part one of this Holiday Communication series, we covered the “WHAT should we post?” question. In part two of this Holiday Communication series, we discuss the WHERE question: Where should we put all of this new information? Here are five specific channels we recommend for your content:


  • Post your Thank You Message and Holiday Policies on the homepage and regular hours page
  • Embed holiday video to the website
  • Prominently display holiday deals and specials
  • Discuss how using your services or products will benefit a non-profit
  • Include each item as a separate blog post that can be referenced and found easily.

For a single display of all items, consider a holiday landing page. A landing page is a content page with a single purpose – in this scenario, your holiday message.

  • A landing page can be displayed as the default for your site and can display your content, hours, video, photos, deals, and community involvement in one central location.
  • By adding a link from all website pages to the landing page, you can lead anyone looking for your holiday information to a single location.
  • You can direct all holiday traffic through this single location by linking directly to it from emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.


  • Plan several emails throughout November and December to detail your holiday message, hours, video, etc.
  • If you will be increasing the number of emails from your normal routine, be sure to let your recipients know the new frequency. You don’t want them to unsubscribe because you’ve suddenly bombarded them with extra emails.
  • Consider offering a specific sign-up for holiday deal emails – everyone may not want the extra inbox filler.
  • Include images and buttons – research shows recipients are more likely to click on visuals than on text links.


  • Add more updates with messages, deals & holiday policies, especially on the day before and the day of closings. For example, if you’ll be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas, schedule updates to go out on December 23, 24 & 25 with your closed information and how contacts will be handled while you’re closed.
  • Repeat important messages multiple times, particularly on Twitter. A Tweet has an average lifespan of 1 hour so you need to repeat the same item several times (preferably in different ways) to be sure the majority of your followers will see it.
  • Upload your holiday video and holiday photos of your employees, office decorations, and products with special discounts directly to Facebook. Add links to these items in Twitter.
  • Offer a “whisper code” via Facebook. To do this, create a tab for your page that only fans can see (consider using a Hosted iFrame). On the tab, provide a code fans can “whisper” to associates for in-store purchases or that they can add to online purchases. You can increase your Facebook fan base and provide a special “something” at the same time!
  • Be sure all your media channels refer to one another – include links to Facebook and Twitter from your website, blog and emails, include links to your website and blog from Facebook and Twitter, include email sign up forms on your website, in Facebook, your blog, etc.

One of the most commonly forgotten channels when discussing new content is your offline materials. Try these ideas to get your offline and online messages together:

  • In-store signs and flyers refer to your website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and email sign-ups.
  • Holiday cards and Thank you letters with references to holiday content / landing page.
  • Holiday gifts with a link to a “hidden” holiday message just for recipients
  • QR Codes printed in ads, flyers and other materials that link directly to holiday messages or landing pages

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