Do charitable donations make good holiday gifts? [POLL]

These sample donation buttons are from the American Diabetes Association website.In several recent webinars and conversations, I’ve heard that “charitable donations are great gifts to send and receive”. And then I got to wondering…are they really that great? Is this really what people want to give OR receive during the holidays? If so, what makes them a good idea? When are they best given? Who are they most appropriate for?

To answer these questions (and a few more) I turn to you. I really want to know YOUR thoughts on this topic. I want to know what the average man and woman think on this particular subject.

Please take this short survey, then share this post so we can increase our pool of responses.

With each group of 50 answers, I’ll post graphs and details of the responses so you can see how this survey pans out. I’ll also include suggestions of how you can leverage this information to use in your holiday communications via Twitter, Facebook, blogs and emails.

Thanks for your help and interest!


2 comments on “Do charitable donations make good holiday gifts? [POLL]

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  2. I must say, I’m impressed with your web site. Would appreciate it would you add forums or something, it would be a perfect way for your clients to interact. Fantastic job!

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