Facebook Promotion Guidelines

In a previous post, I suggested using promotions through Facebook, Twitter and location services to conduct contests to gain additional followers. I have just been shown guidelines from Facebook that might change some of these suggestions. Before you run any contest or promotion through FB, please be sure to check out these guidelines and keep yourself out of trouble.



4 comments on “Facebook Promotion Guidelines

  1. I have heard that you can make money from blogging, but i really don’t understand the concept. How do you make the money? How much can you make? Is it hard? Is it easy? Is it time consuming? Is it worth it? If you could answer that would be great, thanks..

    • Hi Winnie! I will address this with a specific blog post as it can be relevant to non-profits that blog. It’s actually a fairly easy process to setup but how much you make depends on how often you write and how many followers you have, etc. I’ll update these comments once I create the topic-specific post – thanks for the question!

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