Historic Day of Service: 10th Anniversary of 9/11

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001. To mark this historic day, many non-profit organizations are planning tribute events and countless individuals are preparing to serve in remembrance and honor.

Many organizations having events in honor of this anniversary are using the Twitter hashtag #911day. If you’re planning an event to correspond with this very historic day, consider using that tag so people may find you. If you are volunteering that day, consider using the hashtag #IWill and state how/where you’ll be volunteering. This might help spread the word for the specific organization you support. These two hashtags aren’t trending yet, but I hope we can all make them more important than any other topic for the next month!

For those not yet on Twitter, there have also been many groups and pages added to Facebook around this event. I found this list by searching for “10th Anniversary 9/11”. If you create a page or group, consider using those keywords or other similar ones that will be most likely associated with this day.

Be sure to update your own website, blog, FB page and Twitter account with events you might be having or ways people can pay tribute with your organization. If you’re planning an event, you might also consider adding it to VolunteerMatch.org so those looking to serve on this very specific day will be able to find you.

May we all be blessed for serving on this special day!


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